Modern Direct Marketing: The Basics

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Not all Artists are Starving

…but most have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, tools, and experiences to help them raise their creative skills to new heights.
If you found Decide Direct and your business is in one of these fields, it’s because you have been carefully selected as someone…

Creative B2B

  • Tradeshows and Special Events for Creatives and Alternative Niche Audiences
  • Music Industry B2B: Instruments, Equipment, Professional Services
  • Film and Video Industry: Equipment, Professional Services, and beyond!
  • Promotional Writing for Print and Advertising Specialties Industries
  • Promotional Writing for Creative Professionals Offering B2B Services

Creative B2C

  • Special Events (Live and Virtual)
  • Performers and Entertainment Acts
  • Creative Professionals, Institutes & Associations, and Events
  • Music and Sound Artists and Studios
  • Film and Video Artists and Studios
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